We need better handling of untradeable cards

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At the moment I got a duplicate untradeable Fabinho 85 in my unassigned pile. This has an SBC value of about 8-10k, and I would like to use him in one of the Bernardo Silva SBCs.

The problem is: the one in my club is in use and have a shadow chemistry on it. This chem is worth 12k. It is not possible to "swap duplicate item from club" because both is untradeable, so my cheapest choice seems to be to quick sell the item and kiss the 8-10k goodbye.

I see at least 3 ways to address this problem, and I would be happy if either one of them gets implemented in 2021:
- Support to pick player from unassigned pile for SBCs
- Allow "swap duplicate item from club" on untradeable players
- Extract chem from player and store in club (probably as untradeable chem, and maybe only from untradeable players)


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