All Rivals games are the same...

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I had to get 2 more wins for my last icon swap and it took 7 games. In 5 of them I outplayed my opponent, dominated the game and worked to build a 1-2 goal lead. In each of the 5, I conceded 1-2 in the last 10 minutes meaning I didn't win. I guess my question is why does this happen and how do I avoid it?


  • Wurrsmycash
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    Same happened to me for the England objective ... Took me 5 or 6 games to get that last win
  • DafuqJustHappen
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    My guess, from my own experience, you're losing focus in the last minutes. I have the same issue. But last WL I tried something new - after scoring 1-2 games, I switch to 4231 drop back formation. I know, I became that kind of a rat, but that formation + tactic helped me be more secure in defense. I also slowed downed the game a lot, and I keep to remind myself not to rush - I usually play with a sense of urgency in the first half, and if I'm not focused, that can lead to making mistakes that end up costing me a goal or even causing me to lose the game.
    Also, if I'm up a goal or two, the subs at ~70 min include a fresh CDM - in my case a TOTY nominee Fabinho (untradable).
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