Fed up is a understatement!!

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Ok I know I’ve made a few posts recently regarding rivals but it’s getting beyond a joke !!
I’ve gone from almost in div6 to div9 I can’t win a game no matter who I’m playing !!
I can tell straight away what type of player I’m against in first 10 mins of 1st half !!
Normally it’s how they defend or how they do skill move after skill move !!
Now that said in last 7 games I’ve messaged and chatted to 4 of them and yes you guessed it all from much higher divisions who are down to do all objectives before going up again.
I get why they have done this but ea your making this a real pain in the xxxx the type of player in div 9 can’t compete with div 4 players isn’t that the idea of the divisions ???
It’s like u have lost all ideas what to do so just mess with everyone’s head and il tell you now next weeks release of more icon objectives will cause more headaches.
You put rivals there as a online fun mode so why change it !! It’s like weekend league but in the week surely you might as just call it all week league as this is what’s happening !!!!
At this point again I’m walking away from rivals and going back to offline modes least it’s less than a headache and stress


  • Neal1982
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    Little tip for you, if you are finding out who and what kind of players they are, take it easy, a lot of these players go full on high pressure and their players will tire. They want to get ahead and have you quit.
    If you play it smart you can then pick them off later in the game.
  • Simsbadger
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    Mate I’m not joking yes your right they do seem to be on all out on me from min 1 but when u can’t get ball from them or they are spamming skills about u it’s frustrating
    My last game he scored two very quick goals his defending was fantastic I could play a ball !! As soon as I lost the ball that’s it skill skill pass drag back goal !!! Then proceeded to keep the ball he had 78% possession against me 2 shots 2 goals 6 tackles
    I couldn’t get the ball
    You know what div these players are from but it’s ruining my enjoyment of the game.
    I don’t mind if I lose to a better player in weekend league as u know what to expect but in div9 in rivals !!! This is just stupid ea have really started to upset a lot of players
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