The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on Console & on PC and includes the changes listed here.

Enable temporarily daily tasks

Dear developers please include temporarily daily tasks in Ultimate Team in Fifa 18 so that players can complete the achievement (Star pupil)


  • Dear EA, it is so important for many people to get this trophy.
    Make the last one for each player daily task or change trophy requirements.
    Hope for your good feedback!
  • EA, please add daily challenges back. You don't need to constantly refresh the challenges, just add one last batch of daily challenges and have them be in the game forever. I bought this game one release, and it is still in its shrink wrap. I feel scammed because you are removing content from the game, but there are still achievements/trophies tied to that content. Please either remove the achievements tied to content that no longer is available or update the missing content. Thank you.
  • VagisilFC
    1435 posts Play-Off Hero
    They removed them as they are not part of FIFA 20.

    The maintenance of them was of little consequence when they had to do it for FIFA 19 anyway but once the latest release no longer had them, they would have been looking after them for only 100,000 or so customers in 19 and 18.

    Disappointingly EA has not applied the same justification to support of the Web App for 19 and 18 which only required connection to the login services server which needs to be maintained for FIFA 20.
  • M4K
    1 posts Ball Boy
    Hey EA, please add a fix daily challenge or make the trophy obtainable trough weekly challenges. It is ridiculous that a 2 year old game cannot be platinumed because of one trophy.
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