Is weekend league easier if you lose the 1st 5 games



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    No mate weekend league says u get ranked after first 5 games
    No, it means your rank doesn't stand for any rewards until you've played 5 games.
    Bronze 1 is 4-5 wins so if you end the weekend league on 4 wins you would claim 7500 coins and a premium gold players pack.
    But if you've only played 4 games then you're not ranked, which means you'll get nothing.

    So winning 4 games from 4 matches and stopping there will get you nothing as you don't have a rank, but winning 1 game from 5 matches would give you a rank of Bronze 1 and start making you eligible to be given the relevant reward.

    It doesn't mean you get ranked on skill to determine what class of opponents you face afterwards.

    It kinda does as form works in intervals of 5. You're first 5 games are random. After that if you're 5-0 you'll play people on plus 5 etc.

    I don't know why but if I start worse I tend to do better too. I was 8-5 last week and got elite comfortably. Week before I was 18-2 and it was a struggle to finish gold 1. I don't think the matchmaking always works as it's supposed to tbh.

    Form doesnt work in intervals of 5, it always takes the entire weekend league in account

    Yes it does. 15-0 is the same as being 29-0 form stops at 15. It goes up 5,10,15

    I don’t know where you’ve gotten this from. Firm is capped at +15 but the rest of that is just made up 😂
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    Nope I get spanked in all 30 :)
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    So after almost 3 years of PES I got fed up with the Kick Off Glitches, The lang ball spammers and the lag and the unresponsive commands. Gave up on it, went to Fifa. I had fun for a month or two now, until I decided to opt in for the Weekend League as my GF was out of town. Was not expecting much tbh but it was even worse than what I thought.
    The first few games where already harsh, I had no chance and quit early each game. Later a friend told me that I should not have quit within those first 5 games, as the seem to rank me and when I quit my rank does not drop somehow. So easy to say that I was matched only against people much higher rated than me. I am like Div 6 and played against Div 3 and so on and sofort. It was the same pattern each game, dont move your defense, and in offense just skill like there is no tomorrow. There was nothing I could do, even tried 5 atb for the last 2 or 3 games. Ended up with 4 wins out of 29 games - thank god I had not finish them all. The last game I did not play anymore, what is the point if there is no difference between the rewards of 4 or 5 wins - and anyhow I dont think I would won that one.
    So what has all this BS to do with PES. Well I thought I give PES another try. Went into Matchday, the mode I play exclusivle in my PES day, were I rose up to rank 930 something and felt down to just above/below after DP 5. I thought, well we are in DP7 now, so maybe things have changed... Nothing has changed. The first game was kick off glitch long ball buy, the used super cancel to outmuscle even my Veira (was playing France), spammed long ball outmucled me with Auba and scored. No immerson, just used any player for any nation, well its legit, but it ruins the game for me. He was a Brazilian. Second guy was Argentine, no passing, no defending, but always blocked before the game registered my shot. I think I had lag again, as he was the home (host) team. With a proper connection, I would have led easy 2:0 because I twice through on goal but nothing happend when I pressed shot. So I quit at halftime.
    PES is dead since DP5 and all hope there is is for the installment PES22, but the "New Online Football Game" demo or whatever the name was did not make much hope on 22. Plus I must admit Fifa offers more variety, there a goals where you need/must play special teams or nations. Goals you can complete to earn players or other rewards. Plus there is not that much need to spent money because you trade and SBC your way to good/better players. In PES I was only collecting full squads for Matchday, and spent a fortune on spins for IM boxes. I remember just spinning around 60 or 70 times for Torres.
    Tbh the idot in the story is me. Nobody told me to first only play matchday, second collect full squads and third to spent money on spins. Same with Fifa, I knew Weekend League would be hell and it turned out it was. It is the people that ruin the games for the other people who really love football, g, nor does the kickoff glitch, long balls (with braindead CBs) or outmuscling players by using glitches have.
    So Football Games are dead when it come to play online. You must be either a narcistic person that only cares about winning, or someone who does not give a monkeys arse about football, tactics or those things. The community is just toxic on one or the other end of the spectrum if it comes to playing online.
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    We all know the first 5 games give you a "ranking" anyone know if the rest of the 25 are against easier opponents if you lose on purpose?

    Mate, it is already as easy as it can be currently. Wouldnt waste my games for ELO or some other crap. Casuals may have left the game, but it doesnt mean that the tryhards left are all skilled players. Quite the opposite according to my experiences...
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    This is worst thing about wl, dont matter what you do, you still end up in say gold 2 or 3 well that's my usual. I mean one weekend I was like 12 3 and thought great might get g1 for first time but then ended 18 12. Another week was on 6 9, one of worst ever but then got 14 15 so yes g3 with a game to spare so that sums only up only 1 rank difference for what felt like so so different wls.
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