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Pro clubs : this game session is no longer Available

Hey lads ,

I've serious problem on pro clubs friendlies games which is getting kicked before game start ( loading kits part ) with error message " This game session is no longer Available . It send me back to the lobby ( remain connected to
The servers )
I use my mobile hotspot ( 4G data mobile ) which gives me Nat type 3.

- I've tried changing DNS 

- Staying on main menu for 10 mins before getting into pro clubs.

My ping is less than 50.

- I got atleast 4 bars latency on pro clubs

- I got mic connected ( Game voice chat )

- playing FUT and season without any problems.

That's it , I really want a help on this , its not letting me enjoy playing with my friends.

Help me please !

Thank you 🙏


  • hab
    1 posts Ball Boy
    somebody needs to find a fix for this it is happening with me aswell every time i try to play with my friends idk wat the problem is ea must fix this my wifi is fine it works fine on FUT and every other game but pro clubs
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