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We already have a strong community on xbox and we will pass this information to a lot of players who still play FUT18 by finding them on the Match Earnings Leaderboard.

I hope that some guys from PS4 and PC can do the same so that the guys who aren't on the forums don't end up missing out.

Cards will be listed on all 3 platforms since the thread was posted on General Discussion so please spread the word to your friends on PS4 and Xbox!!


  • steve9231
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    Hey folks, anyone has a 94 fof Pogba on PS4? Been looking for him for ages. Pls let me know if you have him and wants to trade or sell. Thanks
  • StarfishC
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    Nice bump! I've been playing 18 for the last 3 months, since 19 is rubbish and I had no intention of buying 20 at the prices EA were asking - but finally bit the bullet last week at £20. Gotta say that I'm not impressed with 20 at all, feels like 14 but worse. I think I'm going back to 18.

    Anybody seen a 97 Dybala around, and if so what his BIN is? I had about 1.8m until I started doing the Maldini SBC, so wondering how much he goes for - on the off chance he appears one day!

    EA have gone nuts with the special cards now I see. Ah, for the days of 13 where you had TOTW, MOTM, TOTS and TOTY and not much else to collect!
  • Hi i need Cr7 99 and ramos 97 on FIFA 18 ps4
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