Unbalanced Leagues in CM

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There is a well known problem in CM (perhaps affecting also some other modes) with the best teams in the various leagues (Barca, Liverpool, PSG, Salzburg, Ajax, etc.) doing insanely well (barely losing any points) while the poorest teams struggle to get any points.

This results in various problems in CM and prevents a lot of players from playing or enjoying the game that they have bought.

For months, the community has asked for news regarding this issue, with no answer from EA, as far as I know.

Are there any news that you could give us? Even recognizing the fact that there is this problem, or indicating that our concerns have been heard, would be appreciated. Is the team aware of this? Is there a fix in plans?

Not sure who (if anyone) I should tag here. @EA_Roger ?


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    bumping so that this issue is at the top until we get an answer.
  • L4r14m
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    If you’re having this problem, you can go and note this (by clicking the relevant spot) here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/The-quot-Unbalanced-Leagues-quot-problem/td-p/8563019

    Might help with getting the devs to react.
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    Currently playing in EFL Championship and it's a little unrealistic. Those top 2 were relegated from EPL in previous season. This is after 30 games. I checked the top of the Premier League and looked pretty solid after 24 games, everything looked right, but you had Fulham on 5 points...going into February.

    1. Southampton - 79 pts
    2. Bournemouth - 78 pts
    3. Leeds Utd - 63 pts

    No amount of updating is going to sort out this problem. It needs to be properly looked at.

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    I’m playing a PL career. 3 rounds left, and Spurs have yet to lose a game (couldn’t beat them myself). Could be worse; it’s been a relatively lucky set of sims. But still... And more importantly: could easily be much worse.
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