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Your best formation?

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With two strikers. Played 4222 but doesn’t go well anymore


  • D14
    3450 posts National Call-Up
    Completely not what you asked but 4231(2) the Cam basically acts as a second forward
  • Fatmanc
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    D14 wrote: »
    Completely not what you asked but 4231(2) the Cam basically acts as a second forward

    Only think that works for me if the CCAM is on free roam
  • iamnotamaniamcantona
    478 posts An Exciting Prospect
    personally - i use 4231 online

    for me 442 works as well as anything else against the AI though
  • DannySTFC
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    I love and only play 352 now.

    You need 3 fairly pacey and mobile defenders, you also need to accept the fact that against a good attacking opponent, you’re going to concede goals at times.

    You can make up for that with the attacking options. I put both my CMs on stay back, cover centre to provide a little help for the back three. I also put the LM and RM on come back on defence. Two quality strikers and a good CAM is where the creativity begins, and if you have two hard working, pacey wingers you’ll find they’ll track back and they’ll provide width going forwards too.

    I’m just waiting to get Hierro then this will be my team in game. It’s a real fun formation to try if you’re becoming bored with regular 4 at the back formations.

  • Renamed1049161219
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    edited January 3
    Switch between 442 and 4231. 4312 if I'm losing by a couple
  • Denz
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    Tried most formations as I always do. At the moment giving 5212 a go with attack and aggressive tactics. Get 5 back on defence but 5 or 6 bombing forward in attack.

    The wbs are generally left in space and if closed down there's space inside for the cam and 2 strikers. Been pleasantly surprised by it.

    For more fun you could just play wingers at wb as they get so much of the ball.
  • lippyone
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    4231 (Not drop back)
    Gets me the best results as I record all results and formation played.

  • ChappellRovers
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  • Kulman
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