91 Kaka vs 91 zidane

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Anyone played both? Who's better at CAM?


  • Lucas23
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    I vote Zidane, because of his 5 star weak foot.
  • Foxsake
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    Tried Zidane In a cm role was totally wasted felt no different then a normal gold card
  • tvrfan
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    Any other opinions? Curious how 91 Kaka is
  • Lackosweat
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    tvrfan wrote: »
    Any other opinions? Curious how 91 Kaka is

    A slightly worse version of 91 Ronaldinho unfortunately. And I’m a huge fan of Kaka irl.
  • JuliantbX
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    Zidane 91 was excellent for me as cm in 442. His ability to make runs from the midfield, paired with his ability to bully players off of him made him an excellent attacking cm for me.

    Must say I did pair him with mid vieira, so defending wasn’t really necessary. He does lack that
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