Is 86 Gullit that bad?

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Tempted as cant afford mid never mind prime.

But some say not worth it.


  • WarrenBarton
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    He’s not that bad, just not that good either and def not worth the cost
  • Alergi
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    It’s only not worth it if you buy off the market. But bro, pack him in a icon sbc and he’s the best player in the team haha. But for real, Iv has him for over 300 games, and he dominates the mf
  • sheffutd87
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    As a stand alone card he would be ok, nothing special.

    But compared to mid and prime he’s awful. Not comparable in the slightest.
  • czesiek
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    He is one of the best CDMs in game. But he is significantly worse than his other versions.
    Anyway I think he's worth the coins
  • DannySTFC
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    I had him last year and he’s good but just doesn’t have a big enough affect on games to justify the price. You can get someone like CR7, Neymar Mbappe for that price (however predictable they may be as choices).
  • czesiek
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    Sometimes it needs 50-100 games to make player shining. Every player may disappoint in some matches. You can buy Eusebio prime and he may behave like non rare gold in first 20 games.

    I remember doing sbc Prime Vieira, Prime Gullit last year and so my friends and they were complaining that they were very, very bad. After few weeks they showed what they can of course
  • KoreanMeatballs
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    Thanks for comments gents

    One of fav players so just going for it

    I'm happy with rest of team
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    edited January 2020
    I haven't used him yet but I played against him in FUT champs many times, overall he's good but seems to be a hit and miss some games he's the problem or apart and some games he's not a problem at all and may aswell be a 84 rated player.

    Edit when I have 800k spare I'm getting him regardless.
  • SanderFC
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    Big stamina difference (and lower SM), the impact of that depends on what you are using him for I guess; I loved simply running through defenses with prime Gullit in previous FIFAs and even with his 95 stamina, he was pretty tired in extra time for example.

    If Gullit is one of your favorite players IRL, then he's always worth it to put him in your team
  • Eroberto
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    hes Not bad but he’s not worth buying on the market. Every league has a cm/cdm/cam with the similar or better stats at a fraction of the cost.
  • Riotiga
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    Does he have the same player model/animation as his mid/prime?
  • Just very much slower in reaction I feel. Even slower than mid Guardiola which I sold after I packed Untradable Baby Gullit. But Baby Gullit positioning is way better and really can boss other players in midfield. Defending wise he sure is up there
  • AznSW
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    I didnt want to believe he was bad so i bought him. He was very average and was dissapointed, sold him after 2 days
  • Barry Allannnn
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    For me he was great. Better finishing than most strikers and played well above his stats. You need to have him playing on balanced though to bomb forward, if you have him set to stay back he's wasted. His strength is making those late runs from CM/Cdm and finishing with tht 5* weak foot

    The biggest issue is his stamina, if you want to use him as a box to box then he's always dead towards the end of games.
  • Foxsake
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    Futmas sissoko outshines him for Me
  • JoyW
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    Felt better last year, his longshots were insane. This year he doesn’t feel that good
  • Denz
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    Used all versions bar moments last year and there is a significant ingame difference between each one.

    As said above, its not that he's bad, and if you want gullit then get him but it's important to not think he's going to run the midfield anything like the other versions.
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