(Doesnt work) - Apparently XBOX lets you put gold players in FUT Champions upgrade SBC

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Just saw a post on reddit that quickly got deleted. Apparently the basic (83-86) FUT Champions works if you put in 5 regular gold players. The user had attached images as proof which seemed to be pretty legit.
Tried it out on PS4 and it didnt work, but might be worth a try for all the XBOX users on here.


  • MuzzaLUFC
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    Yeah it doesn’t work.
  • CarlF
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    I tried it. It doesn't work.
  • ILevis
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    Ok, weird. The pictures looked super legit. They were normal smartphone pics taken in front of the TV, showing the gold players and all requirements checked off. Figured it would be hard to photoshop that. But maybe it was.
    Or maybe EA already fixed it. We all know how fast they can be when a bug benefits the playerbase
  • RVN_10
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    Surely just a rib aimed at the fact they messed the rewards up this morning
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