Finally had my share of a lucky game!

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First half absolutely dominated the player, 5 shots against his 0. I was 3-0 up. 70% possession and 91% pass accuracy and I was trying to do the crossing challenges so all i did was crossed the ball and most of the time it never made it to my players.

Second half, I literally couldn't even make 2 passes, even the easiest of passes to someone in acres of space in midfield didn't make it. Pass accuracy went from 91%with all the crosses i was doing down to 70%. I had 0 shot and he had 10. 4 of which were on target and only 1 went in.

Finally my Ter Stegen put a shift in like my opponents usually do! What a mental game of two halves though. Guy never changed formation but managed to mark every single player on my team with pure aggression.


  • Jay1787
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    Haha. nevermind.... the game instantly undid everything in the next match. Opponent had 2 shot and scored twice. His GK made 9 saves, most from in and around the penalty spot.

    One of those games where the guy had tackling level 1,000 and if he went near you with any player he would brush you off the ball with no animations and just run away.

    Cheers EA, pretty sure you didn't need to do me this bad. Guy had a terrible team too, apparently the best LB in the game is Berchiche based on that last match!
  • hayhor1
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    Cool stories bro!
  • Fab
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    im glad jay keep it up
  • Jay1787
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    Fab wrote: »
    im glad jay keep it up

    I'm trying man, i'm trying. Just sharing my experience of this Esports ready game when a player goes from being a 3/10 to a 8/10
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