Neymar vs CR7

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Basically the title.

Anybody tried them and can give a review? Heard lots of people say Ronaldo is not as good this year. But hes only 100k more than Neymar, so im on the fence who i should get for my team.

Ronaldo would replace TOTGS Lautaro Martinez
Neymar would replace TOTGS Sterling


  • HardysPatch
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    The way this fifa plays, neymar is streets ahead, he's so agile and turns quick with the ball, plus the 5* week foot is so undervalued.

    I got rid of neymar at the weekend, I was gutted, but I like neymar playing centrally, so I was always having to find a central player to go out wide.
  • IxToMxI
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    Use Messi, Ron and Neymar, all extremely effective at different things.

    CR7 makes off the ball runs like no other player and his goal scoring is unquestionable he’s my teams top goal scorer however in confined spaces he can be frustrating.

    Neymar is 5* WF which makes him really handy, I play him next to Ron at striker doesn’t have as many goals but is great to pass into and he opens up spaces, drags defenders out and then passes it through to Ron.

    Depends what you need and what players are around them.

    Neymar is annoyingly weak and Ron makes up for that and Ron is annoying when the ball is played into him and people are compact but then Neymar makes up for that
  • Str8hii
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    Neymar is best bang for the buck i sold mine but i had him since week 2
  • Neymar is the best gold card in the game.
    Neymar > Cr7 > Messi > Mbappe
  • Professor
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    IF Neymar might be the best card in the game. I used him at striker this week and cruises to E3 with 3 games to go. He was scoring for fun. Only con is he is weak.
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