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Anyone using manual/semi passing ??

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Looking for some tips and advice.

Decided to try it (semi) on SB again just now, my first 10 passes it felt like it was on assisted as they played perfectly, even tho looking different.

Then the last pass was kinda off and smashed at defender;
It kinda looked like it went where i aimed, tho the aim snapped to my player, but firmly hit differenr direction.

Any advice for using semi/manual?

What are the possibilities of using it?? (Things you can't do in assisted)

What are the limitations??


  • ChappellRovers
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    I was using manual and it is much better. Basically I find the AI doesn’t make its ‘random’ mistakes that ping passes in the wrong direction to the wrong player then cost you goals. Negative is the power is hard to work out because it seems to be different with each player. I did 400 games with more or less the same squad so i knew each player quite well. I sold my squad and switched back to semi recently while i work it all out again. My advice is make the change to manual from semi gradually.
  • Renamed123456
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    First game of semi...

    Had a weird nervousness about my right thumb, for some reason had a sense of hesitancy to use my thumb naturally.

    Passes seemed surprisingly "assisted" many not differing too much to fully assisted.

    Some passes would seem to bug out or not go where you pressed.

    Noticed a few of the "running next to ball animations" dunno if lag or semi.

    Allowed to lead passes a little, set them a little in front or behind.

    Passes seemed more prone to buggy errors in busy areas. Particularly final third.

    Makes you more conscious where you're pointing your stick... the problem i see with this is having to sacrifice player movement for pass direction, which could prove more problematic under laggy conditions.

    Have a few video clips to show the relative ease of it and also the random moments.

    Not sure if I'll stick with it or not.
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