Pro Club Improvements

Thought I would make a new discussion to see what everybody thinks should be improved to Pro Clubs
These are my main personal points

The things they have to change in pro clubs is
1.Merging with other teams once the game has started after searching for cup matches during the cup window

2.Park the bus needs to be removed off pro clubs(I don't mind it so much in other game modes but in pro clubs its ridiculous)

3.Sort the leaderboards out. All these crazy records because they remake the club after one season so they always play in division 9
They need to make a leaderboard where you can actually see who is good and see who plays in high divisions and has good records.

4.Why are all goalkeepers like neuer? (This is more general and not just for pro clubs) but why do they run out all the time and clear so many through balls outside their own box? Only a few keepers do that e.g. Neuer

5.Cup matches need to be recorded somewhere. Like none of the goals/ assists count to anything. I personally think there should be a cup match leaderboard.

6.Make the virtual pro whose captian actually get the captian arm band and not some random bot.

7. Drop in matches should be done differently.
Like if you search for a game while you are a CAM you should be the CAM and be matched up with other players who have chosen ST CDM etc

8.The CDM position needs more attention. Like it is one of the most important positions and there are literally no stats for it. Especially if it is someones specific position. How are we able to tell if they are good or not when looking at their stats?

9. The trophy room is pretty dull, like why isn't there a picture of the team. So like when people join and leave the image of the squad changes. This would be cool because we would be able to see all the virtual pros in one picture.

10. It just needs a better community and a better feel like remember in Fifa 12/13 I cant remember which one, but you could go on the club and it would have a picture of the stadium they use and it would have a motto at the top that they have written for the club. This added character to the club and made it more personal.

There's loads more things they could do to improve Pro Clubs but I feel like these are the most important.
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