Ake Special Card

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So this is a thought that I've been mulling over, and while I've built first-owned teams for objectives, my mail team remains a hybrid, with a EPL defence. Somehow, though I have POTM Silva and TOTYN Marquinhos in my French team, my much lower rated Ake feels so much better in defense. While the former are rated 90, Ake is a relatively meager 80. If someone can explain the mechanics of how this works to me, I'd be most grateful.

Now coming to the next bit of my question, what are the odds of him getting a special card, and where would it fit in? Apart from a TOTW/Hero, obviously. Given that he's at Bournemouth, there are no chances of a RTTF, TOTT, TOTGS, TOTY. Given that he's Dutch and getting to his mid 20s, no chance of Carniball or Future Stars. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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