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How to complete squad??

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I originally was thinking of putting IF Wijnaldum, but that gives me 3 defensive midfielders, and ideally I'd have at least one attacking midfielder.

(Can put wijn and firmino but ideally like to include vidal and jong. Or can skip vidal) thoughts??


Happy to take out Promes but trying to have at least one 5☆ skiller.

Ideally not players that cost like a million. Ideally quite a bit cheaper but don't mind saving up


  • 433(3)

    GK: Ter Stegen
    RB: Semedo
    RCB: Lenglet
    LCB: Militao
    LB: FUTMAS Mendy
    RDM: FUTMAS Vidal
    LDM: De Jong
    CM: Ousmane Dembele (positioned to RM)
    RW: Second Inform Mahrez
    LW: Mane (on 8 chemistry)
    ST: Agüero

    Bring Promes on as a sub for Dembele when he gets tired.
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