Why is my game smoother and faster in the evening?

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When playing during the day (offline, career mode) the game often feels laggy and not smooth, even though the FPS counter gives a steady 60. When playing in the evening though, it feels much better, smoother. And I'm not talking about the ingame day or evening, but real life.


  • DiBinni72
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    Thats the only thing what i hate about player career mode. You get games, mostly overcast or rainy where the gameplay is nice and smooth, slow, not so hectic. Then you get the games mostly day sunny, which are fast as hell, arcatic, funny lose control, no weight of the player. Even the close camera angle zooms out.
    Playing on ultimate all manuell control. PS4
  • Verdi42
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    Again: I'm NOT talking about the ingame time, but real life. When I play during the day, my gameplay feels laggy. When I play in the evening, it feels a lot better.

    I play on PC, btw.
  • Verdi42
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    I got it. When I minimize all programs on my second screen and put my mouse cursor in the bottom left corner of my first screen, my gameplay is always smooth.
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