Experience on a slower connection...

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So I'm playing on a connection 1/3 the speed of my usual one to see if i could notice any differences.

Players ran faster
One of my complaints is my players are "dragging" and feel like they're being slowed down.
On the slow connection, this happened briefly. But generally my players felt faster than they usually do.

The delay felt more sudden, it would onset really fast then exit really really fast.
This is to say the delay appeared worse, but it allowed players to make sharper control of the ball in most situations.

There was a bad side to delay too - sometimes tackles would have weird outcomes, and players could also make random dramatic stumbling / sucked backwards through a portal animations when seemingly colliding with ghosts or spiritual entities.

Half-time lag
This is something i notice every time i play FIFA, first half in first few games starts off on a standard, second half the lag/delay/whatever increases noticeably. This was quite pronounced on the slower connection due to the "sharp" delay.

That was in Rivals. SB didn't feel too different to what I'm used to.

Hard to say which i preferred, the lag seemed like it could be decisive, and seemed like if i managed to predict the lag, it could screw over the opponent as my player finesses a dribble i entered 1.5 secs ago past his player. But it was really nice to have a bit of speed back in my players. (Not sure if that would be permanent as i noticed a bit of drag in 2nd half).

The quest for reasonable gameplay continues...

Anyone had experience playing on 2(or more) contrasting internets??

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