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Penalty shootouts

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For the lofe of me i cant win a penalty shootout

Genuinely lost 12 in a row all in champs

Am I missing something


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    Do your shot power first then move white circle to where you want to shoot (if you don't opponent can slightly see where your looking) also helps if you hold the white circle to the ground and choose direction, when defending a penalty play with there head wait 2 secs then move your keeper slightly to left then back to centre slightly and then go right lol these things help me win my penaltys before it was a shambles everytime.

  • Mathew1606
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    Lost 2 more,

    Legitimately baffled by this lottery
  • number7rocky
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    Used to be the same, would constantly lose 80% of shootouts on previous fifas despite being an elite player. I do better now not perfect as luck plays a big part. I think they patched the head movement didn't they? Would say I've won a few more than I've lost on this fifa. I mostly aim for one of the top corners and go for the green timed. It can get saved still but there's definitely been moments where green timing it gave it the extra power to score despite the keeper guessing correct.
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