Add player rating to search parameters.

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So, unless I'm missing something, there's no way to actually find players in your club, or on the transfer market, based on their numerical rating.

It is especially annoying when dealing with SBCs.

Lets say an SBC requires an 84 rated team - and you decide to do it.

Well, wouldn't it be nice if you could go to your club and select all your 84 rated players?

You can widen or narrow a search based on league, nationality, type of card (gold, silver etc...), player position...but not their specific rating.

If I'm looking for a couple of 84 rated players for an SBC, why can't I go to the transfer market and use the search function to look for only 84 rated players?

Yes, you will likely know an 84 is a gold or special; but so are all cards over 75...aren't they?

I want 84s, but have to scroll through page after page of players I am not interested in.

I am puzzled as to why such an obvious search parameters is not present.

Now, again, if it does exist then ooopsy and I've made a I must have missed it all this time.

If it isn't there, do we think it would be helpful to include in the future; both when traversing the market but also looking through your own players in your club?

P.S I know there is a lot to know, priorities and stuff...but, nonetheless, the little things that matter too.

Any thoughts, guys?
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