Phishing Links. DO NOT CLICK THEM.

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Hey FIFA Forum,

I'm writing up this post ( well I've copied Roger's post :smirk: ) as there has been an influx of scam posts as of late, we try to take them down as soon as they pop up however we don't always get there in time. We are also taking other measures on our end but these people are creative and constantly finding ways around them.

If you did click on any of these malicious links please get in touch with our support here.

In order to stay safe on FUT, you need to keep in mind that there are three ways you can buy FIFA Points:

Through the FUT Store

Your console’s store

trusted retailers.

You can also purchase codes on physical cards at retailers that you can redeem for Points. That’s it.

Here are a very important tip, always check the URL of the site if you are asked to sign in with your email & password.

Valid EA domains are:
Unlike or

These pages look like that real deal, but they are not if the URL isn't an official EA site, they might as well look like this:


Other than that if you see see an offer too good to be true, it's because it's not true. Especially if it's coming from another forum posted who claims that he won 25 000 points.




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