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All i want from FIFA...

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edited December 2019 to be able to move my players.

My players run slower than every opposition player regardless of pace attributes with or without chem.

My players do every action in slow motion. Every animation looks like a Baywatch run, overdramatic slowmotion.
This is from my players with 90+ dribbling and agility.

It's the most tedious and physically painful and boring experience to have your players not be able to move. it literally, more than any other element of the game, makes me not want to play. When you can't even move your players

I hold forward and my player gets cemented to the spot receiving a pass.

My players will slide backwards across the surface into a defender if a defender is behind them.

If i attempt to move my selection in a menu, it either doesnt happen, or happens so slow that you've already pressed again and it enters twice. Or it ignores the selection switch but accepts the X command so now you've selected or applied something.

The only place you should experience menu lag in 2019 is on a 20 year old battered windows pc. Not on a major title for a major games console latest release in 2019.

This is even in Squad Battles.

Seriously, why is that soo soo so hard for EA to do?? I just want my player to be able to MOVE.

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