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rating system for pro clubs drop ins

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a 5 star rating (0-very bad 5 excellent) on other pro the end of the match you can rate players performance if they are good 5 or if they are bad 0 and these could be visible in the in game lobby before matches and maybe there could be a way of filtering out the people who just want to play and the ones who want to mess about and ruin other peoples game and time


  • Covkilla91mob
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    Wrong place bud but drop ins are terrible only play with friends as I like to pass as a team not watch all run and ball hog
  • warpig
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    ahhh im new to posting stuff but you are right its better with a team but drop ins should be improved if there was a way of you being separated for instance if you get a 1 star its more than likely you will end up in games with people who mess about but if you get constant 5 stars that should put you in games with other 5 star players a man of the match system
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