Baby Maldini

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does any one play him cb on 7 chem if so how is he?


  • Guvnor
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    I was just about to ask what he’s like at lb!! After rewards I’ll be able to afford him if I sell my in form Robertson. Would he be an improvement? Thanks.
  • Come up against him a few times in weekend league and he was a beast. Great partnership to go with VVD.
  • Diggy
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    He can play anywhere in a back 4 I play him RB switched with Zambrotta
  • I use Carlos LB and him CB, but I start the game the other way around. Carlos is on 7 chem and Maldini on 10.
    I've tried many CB's, but this partnership is going to stay a while. Maldini is fast, strong and perfect CB for me. Used him next to scream Pique and VVD, both were a good combo.

    He's also a steal at this stage.
  • FrankFrank
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    Start Maldini full chem and play you LB 7 chem as @Futcoaching1 mentioned.
  • kingDrogbaaaa
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    Wait untill icon swaps, he may get in
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