Any CDM Icon Recommondation?

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edited December 2019
I need a CDM/CM Icon who will play the defensive part. Didnt try any of them. Does anyone have a suggestion who could be good

800k budget

Looked at Petit and Essien or Desailly cant decide tbh


  • Amargaladaster26
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    Base Rino.
  • Jackwc
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    89 ballack has been amazing for me! I paid 1.1m for him and he’s down to almost 800k!
  • Gnomenclature
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    I use base essien (got from icon pack). He's fantastic. Fast, agile, and a real bully. If he is on "drop between defenders" he will not get forward.

    Had 85 pep before that - essien is much better. Pep was decent and reliable, but no essien.
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