FIFA 20 just sucks



  • Krayzie1
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    Google n other search engines pay attention to what u actually type so make sure all comments r specific
  • Krayzie1
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    Krayzie1 wrote: »
    This game is horrible one of the worst I’ve seen. fifa20 fifa 20 fifa ps4 fifa 20 ps4. All they want is money after you already paid 60 for the game. Let me find one.. done ⛑

    U got it.. good
  • To play you'd need team fitness and the cost of a team fitness card is more than a player gold card cost..
    Another stupid set up to sell coins...
    untradable card as objective gifts... untradable cards eventually pile up and they are all coming in as duplicates and cannot sore.. basically you get no gift for completing the objectives.

  • Stewuk73
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    Agreed I am fed up with the gameplay and the fundamentals that the game is so broken, crosses barely work, my players feel like they are running in quick sand and sooooooo much lag
  • Rivals play is another story - suddenly all teams I match are 90+ rating where my team is barely 86..
    Kit selection-- funny-- says "we will determine the best kit for your opponent ---to ensure different enough etc etc" and yet both teams play with nearly with the same color .. .BTW why "you" determine ? both players could choose whatever kit to use just fine..
  • Pooter
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    I'm in Division 10, and I'm still facing god squads, and EA doesn't do a thing about it, so clearly since they don't listen, they won't get my money, even if they gave me a free version of the game and a million FP, I would still refuse
  • just to check .. created a all silver team.. and still get 87+ match
  • The matching making is broken as well. I have a 184 squad as I only got it recently on sale (no way I'm paying full price for this) and I'm being put against 190s and above in least match them with someone with a similar rating in that division
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