Player Pick SBCs

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I would absolutely love it if someone sitting in the content offices could actually see this and put together player pick SBCs for people who can't complete challenges, start late etc. For instance, a player pick SBC for all the storyline players you may have missed out on from seasons 1 and 2, after season 3 begins. This shouldn't be too ridiculous a request. They did something similar for flashback players in 19, somewhere in January.

In similar vein SBCs for UEL/UCL live, for people who may have started playing late. Even if the requirements are raised in keeping with renewed player values.

Both these could easily be released on a Sunday, when no other content is generally being put out anyway. More coins emptied for already released players from users who missed out. Sounds like a win win. Come on, EA. You know you want to...😬


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