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4231 cts

633 posts Semi-Pro
Hey guys,

I wanted to try the 4231 with the cams and now I'm looking for some tactics as I've never played this formation before.

Aby help would be appreciated.

I got Kane TOTGS as a striker and son of, mane if and mahrez Sif are my cams.

Cheers guys


  • Jimmyb83
    1152 posts Professional
    4231 is an extremely balanced formation that doesn’t require a huge amount of tinkering with. I would advise starting on 5 for everything and balanced (fk and corners whatever you want) and make slight adjustments from there.

    I also have my st and ccam on stay forward and cdms on cover centre with one on stay back.
  • suxxio
    633 posts Semi-Pro
    Was thinking something like that.

    I don't want to play drop pack like most people do with that formation.

    Maybe get in behind on the striker?
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