Are you an EA developer ? Please stop watching NHL

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Guys, this is football. Probably you better know it as soccer. In this sport, there is no hockey stick, so there are no 50 / 50 chances in a tackle. In football when a small attacker crashes against a wall like VVD or Piqué, 99,99% of the time he looses the ball. In your game, most of the time small players like Gomez, Dybala, win tackles against defenders with more 90 defending stats.

Also, when the attacker loses the ball he usually gets confused, because he is trying to dribble and he failed, while the defender feels confidente because he has achieved what he is looking for. Well, in your game the one that gets confused is the defender while the attacker reacts faster and recovers the ball while the defender doesn´t know what´s going on.

Finally, when there is a chance to score in a 2 vs one or a player goes through the wing and has the chance to center or pass the ball, normally a smart striker will go two steps back and wait for the ball. Well, in your game the striker continues running towards the goal in one the of most irritating animations ever created in a game. I get it if it´s a bronze player, but believe me it´s insulting for a player like Kluivert or Ibrahimovic. If you give the player a 99 positioning, the least he should do is stop running and step back to receive the ball.

I´m sure you are genius coding, but please try to watch more football because I´m not sure you know this sport enough to develop a game. And if that it´s not your work, hire a real manager, or someone that knows about football to help you.



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    You cant help but wonder, are the devs really that bad in programming or are they being told to do bad programming...
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    Sorry bro, will try watching some soccer
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    Or when you try to square the ball to teammate in the penalty spot and instead tour player kicks it straight to their goalkeeper
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    "Well, in your game the striker continues running towards the goal in one the of most irritating animations ever created in a game."

    OMG Yes.... My 7 year old knows to position himself properly in this situation in a real game, but Aguero will literally RUN INTO THE GOAL!!!

    The other one that drives me batty... when you trigger the striker to make a run, and they run BEHIND the defender putting them in position to intercept instead of running across them to create an open passing lane.
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    Recently I've been wondering about the ratings and cards (as a consequence of a Squad Battle where bronze player with shot 26 scores three goals) and realized that this is a misconception on our part (players). We believe that some cards are better than others (we have opinions and a certain card might suit a player better than the other one, but we do think that) and that they will provide us with a better chance to win the game.

    And we have built an entire market and a whole environment with this presumption. If this is true, then regardless of skills, every player playing with better cards would win every time. Since this is not the case, it must be that the probability is present somewhere in the system, and when the probability is present, the outcomes vary, which is the desire of the creators (naturally there are other variables like controller quality/precision, internet connection etc.).

    Now, this and other examples in Squad battles and in DR/WL against human opponents is actually one of the proofs (if those are even needed) that the meaning of cards and points is near to non-existent, since the game can (through "adaptive AI") decide not the outcome of the entire match, but the outcome of every single event on the field, and consequentially, the entire match. Therefore, Squad battles is a showroom of how is this functioning.

    What I mean: on Ultimate I sometimes cannot catch bronze players with a solid team and I lose, but sometime against better opponents (by "ratings") I win with ease (with the same team). This is confirmed by many people here.

    That's why it is "realistic" for Dybala to take the ball from Pique, or for example for Sokratis catch to A. Traore and that is one of the reasons why people believe that the game is "scripted". I am of course not happy with this, because if the initial presumption is false - an entire structure is "never mind - let's keep our eyes closed and play the game" and that is what is happening.

    A different story is that this is just the game, but try explain that to one of us in the middle of the match.
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