1. Stretchers for injured players
2. Relationship with fellow managers in manager career
3. Errors in referee decision to allow the intervention of VAR
4. Camera's in the dressing rooms, tunnels and bus arrivals.
5. Improved trophy celebrations(substitutes are not involved and manager is not involved, there also no medals)


  • Tzatziki78
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    Mate those are the most random 5 things I've ever seen to improve an awful football game
  • Peanut2000
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  • marktko
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    Yep. Don't need any gameplay changes so let's concentrate on these
  • YidArmy
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    @EA_Roger Any chance we can get this sticked to the top of the forum? Some fantastic points here...
  • 1. That would be a neat addition,
    2. This is a much needed feature in career mode, it should impact how likely you would get a transfer done or impacts future transfer deals and negotiations
    3. The point of the game is that refereeing is supposed to be flawless, if it does introduce a Referee mode, and you have an option to seek the VAR, then i agree it would be cool
    4. It might be unnecessary but i wouldnt mind it, it’d be nice to watch the team arrive in a bus for a final
    5. Yes yes yes.
  • sty
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    as long as people keep playing FUT this game has no chance to change in good anytime soon
  • Smiley_Utd
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    what is this nonsense?

    Career mode I guess??
  • DYL_26
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    1. Juventus
    2. Bayern Munich
    3. Barcelona
    4. Fully licensed Seria A
    5. Fully licensed ligue 1
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