Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

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Why is every single update making this game worse? Are EA really trying to force people to play FUT that much? If so.. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!! I AM NOT PAYING MORE MONEY THAN I ALREADY HAVE FOR THIS CRAP!!

The bugs that are claimed to be "fixed" are literally bringing about new glitches. Is it really a coincidence that once one thing is patched, a new bug appears out of nowhere? Really? A major gaming company like EA all of a sudden makes amateurish mistakes like these? Give me a break.

I enjoyed the fact I can tell who was happy or sad without going to the squad hub. Now.. I have to go to the dang squad hub to view their morale! The game is glitched. You can't view the players' morale unless you put them on the subs bench. And when you do, the form arrow and the morale emoji are overlapping. That's so annoying! What was wrong with the original way? Jeezus!

Transfer List Bug
When a player puts in a transfer/loan request, and then they retract it due to playing more often, when you take them off the transfer/loan list.... it does not go away! The status "Transfer Listed" remains forever. It never goes away. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS CRAP?! This is so annoying omg. I can't tell what their potential is ever. I can't loan them because the only options it gives you are "Remove from Transfer List" and "Block/Allow Offers".

I've discussed contract bugs before, but this one is the dumbest of them all. I offer a player a slightly higher wage than other players (it could literally be a difference of 300 between the two contracts. 700-1000) , I get a warning for offering a player WHO I NEVER OFFERED the contract to, or I straight up get FIRED. It could literally be the very first day of a new career mode. WHAT?!

International Job Offers
Now I am not a big fan of international managing. However, does it really make sense that once you turn it off you can never turn it back on? Like really? At least give the option to turn it on and off at will. Simple bugs like this will bring revenue, but no.. focus on FUT.

These are just some of the annoying bugs I've found that are really ruining the whole FIFA experience for me. I' not moving to FUT, and I hope (I know it won't happen) that someone who works at EA sees this and attends to these problems. If I have more I will update this post later on. If you have anything to add, feel free. Add to the list so we can write a formal complaint or something, Because this is unacceptable for the money they are demanding to play a crappy game like this.


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    They are trying there best to push us to FUT...not happening for me either, it'll just mean that I'll have to devote my time to some other game like PES or Football Manager...or something else, it definitely won't be FUT...or this Volta bugged 💩...
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    I’ve never felt any inclination to play FUT. Someone will make a decent CM game, I hope. That’s where I’ll be taking my money.
  • Jetwhitespurs
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    Someone like 2K game's making a football game that'd be awesome...
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