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This might be one of the worst video games I’ve ever played in 20 years

205 posts Sunday League Hero
Honestly shocking how much worse this game is than FIFA 19. Not a good look.


  • Riftydogg1
    246 posts Sunday League Hero
    Really? Worse than 19?
  • MeeseeksandDestroy
    205 posts Sunday League Hero
    Riftydogg1 wrote: »
    Really? Worse than 19?

    It is.
  • Blipper65
    1049 posts Professional
    19 was full of strange and bad stuff like la croquetas, first time shots, back post headers, broken AI defending etc. but at least that could sometimes help you to kill the system when everything was against you. now you feel absolutley helpless and desperate within this unplayable lags and delays.
  • Smsalnuaimi
    1071 posts Professional
  • Feurez
    648 posts An Exciting Prospect
    In terms of gameplay responsiveness, in my case I do not feel any difference to FIFA 19. Therefore, can say that it is at least better than Croqueta 19. Fifa 19 had more to do with a Circus game than with football
  • SPN1987
    2173 posts Fans' Favourite
    I doubt there will ever be a worse game being made than FIFA 19. Yes FIFA 20 is god awful too. Obviously the connectivity issues are much worse. But the only reason I rate FIFA 20 a bit higher is because of mechanics being slightly better. But both game are completely unacceptable.
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