Storyline cards

In all seriousness do they like to cause suffering to players on this game? Like I understand there's this whole disgusting horrible theme these days of frustrate the player into spending money, real money. But these storyline player cards are usually locked behind a "play set amount of hours on this game" limit. Whether it's reaching level 30 in a season or the challenges it takes forever to do anything for them.

Just recently I've realised my efforts towards getting King from Bournemouth were absolutely useless. I spent about 2 or 3 games trying to get goals from volleys on 1 day but there's only so much FUT rivals you can take without getting toxic levels of anger and anxiety over how stupid the game can be at times. I literally just focused on that challenge again just lately and I've not played loads of Rivals nor tried to rank up on it much so I'm in division 9/8 it fluctuates.

From what I understand I should be playing pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️ teams or players. I'm getting matched with teams that have world's of class better than my teams and players who literally manage to score a free kick from distances unlifelike with only 2 seconds of set up? How am I supposed to have a chance in hell to score a volley which is mostly merged as an opportunity in this fifa 4 times when I'm not once being given a match where I can walk over or at least occasionally evenly be matched against a player?

To make matters worse I scored I think 2 self set up volleys over the time period and they don't even count towards it? I tried a 2nd time just in case it was a glitch but I made no progress despite this being a volley... just shows how lazy the developers are when it comes to making sure their challenges are tuned. Not to mention this kind of specific goal crap should be left out to offline matches. How many matches did I lose trying to fulfill these very specific challenges? At least a couple.

I feel cheated out of anything meaningful in the game. In order to get anywhere in this game mode you need to commit serious hours, I can't even chill out and enjoy career mode anymore since I know I'm wasting time when there's a limited time event out in ultimate team even though that'll always be the case? This whole season design of very small 30 odd day battle pass scheme is dirty and just wrong. They could've easily have just made 1 battle pass and updated it with new tiers as the game goes on. They have designed it so that the later you buy the game the less it's worth and the more you miss out on not to mention they've made the game a chore instead of fun.

With all this I think there's a very high chance I've given up on this game mode honestly it can go * itself in the *. It's no fun and the only real reason I play is as a collector.
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