Biggest offside goal ever

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This is in my favor, it´s my team that scored this goal. But how can this be possible?

Goal scored by Larsson to tie the game

Check out Larsson position when the ball is passed by Mertens

Another screenshot so you can see his position.

Larsson scores

Check the linesman. First, he raises the flag but they never call the offside.

Do you see that there is foul over Mertens? I guess the game forgot the offside and focused on the foul. I mean the game was not able to handle the order of these calls and when the foul happened it overruled the offside call. Then the referee played advantage.


  • kathers81
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    Game decided that it would make things more exciting.
    I’m quite sure it evened things out in the shootout by his keeper diving/not diving to save a pen or him aiming for a corner which you chose to dive to, and his pen somehow going down the middle. We’ve all been there.
  • YMNn
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    Put the video dude..
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