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I want 1 minute of your attention!

@EA_Andy @EA_GZaro

Dear Andy and zaro, why don't you update us on the recurring bugs that happen in pro clubs? We are in the 8th update and no change in mode. Failures already cited by all. Uniform bug change, Slow server, very bad automatic pass, veracity of nonexistent finishes, goalkeeper bug on exit, pass for defender going to goalkeeper, throwing long balls the goalkeeper leaves without any way back, being forced into error.

What is the real problem? Help us. Groups and groups of pro clubs around the world. Amateur federations creating competitions to attract players to the mode. The pleasure of discussing tactics and technique during competitions. Countless pages created on social networks like facebook, instagram to memorize the amateur virtual club we love so much. Player pages to spread your best moments. Transfer networks created for club change. Titles conquered. Creators of liberators, sulamerica, champion league, europa league, club world, national team. So, Andy/Zaro, what is the real reason that does not clarify this modality dear to all.

We have hope, but we also have life outside the game.

Att: Brazil Community


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