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Is There a Formation You Can Never Use?

Maybe some you haven't even tried but just by looking at it, you know it'll never work for you?

I'm terrified of 3 atb formations with people now running to byline for cutbacks.


  • greif44
    3225 posts National Call-Up
    >90% of community uses 4231 anyways like it`s the only formation available, I almost never play vs someone who uses something different.
    I can`t understand what`s so special about this formation, it has never really worked well for me + stupid copying from youtubers is not my thing.

  • CaptainDan-
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    edited December 2019
    Havent really found any that I wouldnt use at all this fifa. My favourite atm is 4312 but ive used 3atb and 5atb formations with success. If you use a 3atb formation, you need to have wingers that can defend and have high stamina as they will be up and down the pitch alot.
  • Boysie91
    10505 posts Has That Special Something
    5 at the back

    All rubbish for me
  • joehuk
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  • AzizaG
    2640 posts National Call-Up
    Everyone uses 4222 but i just cant work it
  • Seagie
    68 posts Park Captain
    I can't use anything that doesn't have 2 strikers and playing with wide players doesn't seem to work for me either, I just can't get them into the game.

    2 strikers and a CAM seems to work best for me so 4-1-2-1-2(2) is my favourite formation.
  • FCBlunt
    3111 posts National Call-Up
    Narrow formations, completely impossible for me.
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