At last... EA realised their mistake about FC Bayern

Its been a long (for regular FIFA gamers) since the start of Fifa 20. Over 2 months and a half we the fans of Bayern Munchen were struggling with the non-transparent policy of how "good" a team is.

Since the release for me it was a nightmare to play against Liverpool, PSG, Man City, Real.
This was the same as of Fifa 12-Fifa 15, Fifa 18-19.

Im playing all releases since Fifa 98 first on PC, then PS3, then PS4.

Its not about this that players were given lowest possible overall. Its the fact that the team itself was PUT to be bad.

The players shown no intent to fight for balls. Bad ball control, DAMN SLOW passes that were intercepted every time. Totally wrong driven passes, shooting was awful too.

Furthermore there was no cohesion of the team at all, players do not move correctly, going offside every now and then, not looking for spaces. Collision between players were the total parody. You can imagine how Nicklas Sule collide with Raheem Sterling, making the German Giant thrown 2 meters away from the 50 kilos guy... Maybe you have seen situation when you SLIDE straight in the ball (and legs) of attacking player and NOTHING happens - such as he is a ghost. He just stop for a moment, while our guy is at the ground - he continues as there was NOTHING infront of him. No matter who is this, there are no Physic Laws - you just cant throw away Boateng (90-95kg) with Sadio Mane (55-60kg). When i say "Throw away" i mean Standing tackle that connects and the BODYCHECK makes 55kg to push 95kg 2 meters aside.

Everyone who was not playing with Man City, Liverpool or PSG has experienced this since the start of the game.
That made me switch to RB Leipzig to make it further than 9th division (in earlier versions of Fifa i have won several times Divison 1).

Happily all changed exactly this Saturday. No idea why and what happend but i've never played with such FC Bayern since 2016. Although i played like 20-30 games now they are all fixed, they do not loose balls, control is normal. Lewandovski is the real predator (as he is). Gnabry shows his skills and speed (as it is).

Guys 5 days ago i had 10/10 looses when playing with FC Bayern, last 2 days the record is 8/10 Wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, playing almost always against the same: Liverpool, Man City, PSG. Agree that i did not got that better for 3-4 days.

There is no significant increase of overall abilities of the players, its just that someone said: "Well now.. this german gian Bayern... why we made them like this". I can confirm that same players in Germany National team playing 2 times better than as it was in FC Bayern.

I really hope this was not made in a mistake and would love to know what was gone wrong with the team before this 2.2 GB update.

I hope someone that shares my opinion to make his remarks.

Note: Please, do not "hate" posts like "u dont know how to play" "learn to play" etc.. I do not pretend to be best, neither VERY GOOD - but i can see the ENORMOUS change of how the team is playing with just 1-2 points added to overall.

Kind Regards.


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    I can totally relate to what you said. However, I must add, that at the beginning of FIFA 20 Liverpool were fairly rubbish, and Sterling was slicing through Van Dijk and Matip like butter. And Sane would just bulldozer whoever he was against, made for absurd gameplay where all the goals come about through stupid deflections, fouls that weren't given, balls hitting the post and then bouncing like EXACTLY straight back to the attacker (which I think has never ever happened in real life - and it's happened to me in FIFA already plenty of times for some reason I concede a lot like that but don't remember having scored one!)....
    Anyway, about 3 or 4 weeks ago they gave Liverpool a huge upgrade, and I actually feel like they play as a team sometimes, and can win some tackles. And Mane often seems like he's got wheels! And Salah can barely every miss a pass, like, you just pass it in the direction of anything, and somehow the teammate will know which run to make to ensure that Salah completed his pass! But Fabinho, by the way, can's pass first time to save his life!
  • Mate... its miserable to say "play as a team sometimes" it was a well known bug how Liverpool were made. I read many topics and it was clear. I dont know why do Fifa mess with team cohesion. Make the teams equal only players different depending on a REAL skills. I think its about which team pays or not. It was the same **** with real madrid 5 years ago. I when playing bayern happened to play 30 (thirty) games ONLY against REAL MADRID. Of course because they "were made" the best. Its the same happened earlier with Liverpool on Fifa 20. Not only bodychecks, the rebounds, tackling, LUCK etc. the well known HANDICAP.
  • All lasted just a week.. Maybe some financial things gone wrong with the real club so EA again decided to devastate the team! Just 1 week after, All players got like 5-10 OVERALL POINTS down. For example Serge Gnabry from 87 is now 80, Kimich is 84 from 89, Neuer is 86 from 90 etc..

    Club is back on the loosing strike... Thank you for the NORMAL week EA.. now all bayern fans will be back in div 8-9....
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