The New Patch Was The Final Nail...

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Anyone else feel completely unmotivated to play the game at the moment? It was borderline playable before the last patch but now the gameplay feels atrocious.

All players regardless of stats feel like they're skating on ice, unresponsive, clunky, passing is woeful and never goes where you want. Most goals are a result of being unable to player switch quickly (or at all) and shooting feels more random than ever. Add to that the awful servers and it's a case of what's the point in turning the game on...

It's got to the point whereby I struggle to think of even a few good aspects relating to the gameplay.

Does anyone actually find the current state of the game fun? Or think the latest patch was an improvement in any way? It feels as if they're actually trying to worsen the game...


  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    I haven't even played the new patch yet but heard alot of people saying it felt no different. I haven't played a game of fifa since last Sunday. No motivation at all to play in these conditions when theres games like MW that actually work.
  • TheFirstKlutz
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    Same was always looking forward to come home after work and play some games but cannot be bothered. If I wanted to play iceskating I would have purchased a Nhl game instead.
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