Rapid defenders

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Any one else notice that defenders are catching up to rapid players again like in fifa 19?


  • ArneMueller
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    Yes that’s a thing in Fifa20. Regardless which Defender is chasing you the catch up with your wingers, for me Coman, Gnabry and Sane are worthless at the moment.

    But that’s not the only thing in the game play that’s a mess. Did you look at your stats at halftime, for me its shocking my TOP is down from 60-70% to under 30%, my pass completion is down from 80-90 to under 70%. And it doesnt matter for me if I play ultimate or legendary its a mess in both levels.

    The gameplay is 100% no fun anymore, at least for me:

    - My players can do the easiest passes
    - Each time I try to shot or pass the CPU defenders are tackling me.
    - I almost never tackle the attackers, I had one game where the CPU had 34 tackles and I had 2 in the entire game.
    - Long pass Button does not do a long pass (most of the time) but thats since Fifa18
    - The CPU Goalies regardless who is playing are now all De Gea's or Neuers and my Goalie does squad
    - The wingers always get caught even from defence backs, its a joke (Like Jerry Rice would be caught by refrigerator Perry) :#
    - My Wingers on the other hand can even catch up to the CPU Players if the counter attack starts
    - My goalie throws the ball at least once a game directly to an opposition striker in my one box
    - One on one against the CPU almost never results in a goal
    - Handball is not a thing in Fifa anymore (at least since Fifa 19) (Twice in Fifa 19 and once so far in Fifa 20 all against me, never for me)
    - When my attacker losses the ball and I try to get it back, I can not, because the player I control, take a couple of steps away from the CPU player and then I have no change to catch up to the ball.

    I was so hyped in September and could not wait for the new Fifa release but that’s long gone now. I currently only play a couple of games after a patch comes out, see how the patch influenced the game play. And then I stop playing the game (more like “rage quit” :# the game)

    Don’t get me wrong I still winning the game (25 Wins 0 Losses) but they are empty victories because the entire game is no fun anymore. It’s a game it should be fun.

    I'm afraid/thing that EA tries to optimize the game for the FUT players (and E-Sports Events) who play each other and neglect us Carrier Mode players who play exclusively against the CPU. And just want to have fun and relax after work in front of the game.

    After 3 month I only completed 25 games so far, normally, at this point I would be well into my 2. or 3. season, but this year it’s a disaster. The sad thing is that I spent more time here (and in youtube) then actually playing the game. And this should tell you the state of the game. :'(

    I played the game of difficulty “Ultimate” downgraded to “Legendary” still no fun, if I go down to “World Class” I’m killing the CPU by 10-20 goals (which is even less fun it's borderline boring). I’m at level 72 but I don’t thing, that at the state of the game, I will complete a season or even the preseason tournament.

    And I promise EA one thing, if I decide to quit Fifa I will never come back for an addition Fifa 20+X. If the game does not improve in Career Mode as well as in game play to the end of January 2021 I’m gone for good.
  • frankibo
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    I have some of the same issues you do but avoid a lot of the others by playing on manual.

    Sounds like they've really screwed up the assistance.
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