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2 x 125k packs

4068 posts National Call-Up
edited November 2019
Pack 1 83 Charles Aranguiz
Pack 2 84 Lucas Hernandez

No other 84s either......

I wasn't going to bother today. But I thought 125k packs, surely these must be pretty stacked.......guess not.


  • Bobo23
    1559 posts Play-Off Hero
    edited November 2019
    125k packs are the worst packs imo, they're just full of 75-79 rated discards with the odd decent card.

    50k packs are the best imo, better chance of hitting something.
  • 6Khedira6
    703 posts An Exciting Prospect
    EA why you do my boy like that
  • mhh1981
    2974 posts National Call-Up
    I usually do 100k packs rather than 125k and get a better return but tonight was good for me with ultimate
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