Did the update screw something over, or am I the only one experiencing this?

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I´m a huge FIFA Career Mode fan and one of those players who buys a new FIFA nonetheless.
Besides the huge mistakes during launch I actually enjoyed playing Career Mode.
With a bit a tweaking with sliders I actually had an experience I enjoyed and I played multiple seasons.

After a short break I started playing today again and noticed an update.
I am not sure what the update did, I´m too lazy to read patch notes, but something feels wrong.

Issue 1: When you kick-off it’s feels in like 50% of the situations that it doesn’t matter how you pass or where you aim you just know you are going to score. Resulting in an outrages amount of early opening goals (first 3-8 minutes).
Issue 2: The last 10 matches I played I either win with 4, 5 or 6-0 or just can’t win and always concede a last minute goal making it 0-1, 1-2 or whatever. This didn’t happen before the update, a bit weird.
Issue 3: No difference in team tactics. Every single team just plays like every other team. Lower teams can all of a sudden Ping-Pong like Barca or City and top teams act like they play a hungover Sunday league mid-afternoon game.
Issue 4: Sudden change of difficulty. I actually know this I something EA has patented but it’s extremely imbalanced. You just feel the difficulty shifting and it always seems to be during the opening of the match, end of the first half, start of the second half and end of the match. It really never happens mid-half. Having a system that causes a dynamic difficulty is something debatable but when you patent something I understand you need to implement it, but at least make sure it make sense.
Issue 5: Input-lag and weird AI decisions. First the Input-lag, which is extremely irritating. That moment you run to a ball, press X and it literally takes 2 seconds before the player actually passes the ball. Almost always resulting into losing possession. Combine this with defenders who just randomly step in and leave a huge gap in the defence and you have a controller-smashing combination. Also the amount of times I fully press X for a power pass and my player kicks the ball like it’s a bowling ball, super fun.

Some of these issues where there before the last update but somehow it just feels like it got worse this week.
I would like to know if this is just something I’m experiencing and it maybe is something between my ears.
Or more people experience this and the update actually screwed something over.

In short I can conclude that for me this game is in a stage where I just play 2-3 matches because I love football, but then quit the game out of irritation or anger.
I’m a huge football fan and played FIFA for years and at least once or twice a week.
But I don’t really feel like playing this game anymore, it’s in a weird stage.
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