Frustrated with lack of tactical ability by AI

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The AI opponents really don't have a clue about tactics or formations. I just played with Spurs at Man City, and at the 60 min mark it's still 0-0. City proceeds to take David Silva off for Rodri. That makes no sence, since Rodri is more defensive minded than Silva.
I then score the 0-1, and in the last ten minutes of the game they change their line up: from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3. They also change Mendy for Otamendi. Stones and Laporte are then LCV and RCV, but Cancelo plays CV and Otamendi goes to right wing. Fernandinho moves to the left wing and De Bruyne and Rodri stay in the centre.

Totally kills all emersion. I'd rather have no tactical switches than switches this dumb and illogical.


  • DanielA-NUFC
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    I also feel the AI don’t really have much threat a lot of the time just silly passes and flicks that don’t do anything and sometimes have no offensive threat what so ever
  • Verdi42
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    True. I'm playing Ultimate on full manual and often don't feel like there is a challenge.
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