Death of career mode

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Ea has successfully killed career mode. Yet another year of nothing but letdowns and empty promises. Goodbye fifa, goodbye ea. Im moving over to pes. You dont deserve my time or attention anymore.


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    Death of Fifa not only career mode.
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    G9020wk wrote: »
    Death of Fifa not only career mode.

    I'm currently at a loss with this game, FUT is flawed, Volta sucks, so I wanted to start a career mode and cant even do that as I'm not aiming to win every game of the season..

    Wish I bought a physical copy and not digital, next year I imagine it will be neither!
  • 100000% mate!

    Every year EA brought FIFA a step more towards the edge, this year was the downfall.

    The game is at is lowest in years!

    Please also check out my topic about it:
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    So many annoying things about the mode the more you play. More buggy than ever. Yesterday I had a match that in the 83rd minute, the stadium announcer said what added time there would be. Commentators saying so many things wrong and news articles popping up a few weeks after things happened.

    What annoys me so much are penalty shoot-outs. Alan Smith saying the ref rightly pointed to the spot and making the winning penalty sound like one taken during normal time. So many bad things.

    I do think next year on PS5 they will add in a lot more, now they actually have a team working on career mode...but they really need to address the bugs. Without the bugs it would be a pretty decent mode right now.
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