Why FUT still lagging???

This game is really frustrating. Good gameplay speed is normally at very weird hours like midnight ! Sometimes, we cant even get a decent gamespeed in a week! What is happening? The opponents are walking faster than my players who are sprinting !! My defenders are not defending at all and keep passing to opponent instead of clearing the ball!

Is there any seetings to be made? I ve tried everything including DNS setting, MTU, wired Internet, hard restart, etc.



  • Nothing works
  • DaMMian
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    I do not know if opening ports, changing settings, a hard reset will help you something :( In my opinion, it is the fault of the servers with which it connects us. This is not a problem of the game because if that were the case every match would be with lags and this is not the case. Now it is so that we have two matches with a good connection and the next two matches are with a bad connection.
    I think that most of us are happy with gameplay, there is just a good balance, there are no tricks that you can go through the whole field, e.g. LaCrocodille shots, e.g. TSF, heading as it was in previous Fifa. The problem is that each of the matches is different slow, fast, fast-slow e.g.
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