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I can (somehow) understand why there is a 5% tax on selling a player, but I feel the tax should clearly be reworked.

First, packed players should be tax free if they are sold with 0 games played. That's not trading, you got them in a pack.

Secondly and more importantly, taxes should decrease and/or be capped as it completely makes trying very expensive players too costly.

If you were to buy a player at 1 mio and want to sell it 10 or 20 games later, you'll lose 50k. If you're in a hurrry to sell for whatever reason (e.g. you don't have too much time to play AND want to try another player who just would fit your team), you'll lose more to sell him quickly. If the market has gone down, as it has done quite often this year (not to say continuously), you'll lose also more on top of the 50k tax.

I tried Ronaldinho 91 the other day and decided he's too big an investment for my team (and that I was somehow missing Neymar too), and I just had to sell him and take a 150k loss by doing so.

It's not normal. While if you buy a player at 30k it's kind of ok to lose 1.5k as a tax when selling him, but the tax should be capped at say 30k. OR become 4% at 500k, 3% at 1 mio, 2% above 2 mio, and like 1% above 3 mio.


  • Senth6
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    Then EA wont be making as much money from us
  • Aspral
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    Simple way to solve your issue?

    They allow fut champs points or something else to be converted into loan players you can use in friendlies only.

    Then you can test a player you want in a fun gamemode where others are doing the same.
  • AliasMaurice
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    The tax keeps the prices lower. If tax was less they would be more coins in the game and players that are in demand would cost more. May never of been able to afford 91 ronaldiniho in the first place without tax.
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