Scripting today has been been crazy

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The weekend wasn't too bad for me, got 11 wins out of the first 22 games but After about 9pm last night something changed. I went on to lose the next 4 out of 5 before giving up but unfortunately it's carried on into rivals today. I was off today with the house to myself so thought I would have a fun FIFA session. How wrong was I. I played 11 games and won just once. More than half of these games I was either level or winning by a goal with less than 5 mins to go, only for my players to turn into statues, allowing tin opposition to run right through me while not being able to control my players. Whenever I did score the other guy scored straight after the kick off as my defenders just stood there. You know this kind of stuff is going to happen as this is how the game is programmed but didn't think it would happen all day, game after game. Has anyone else experienced this?


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