Theres obviously people using cheats in WL EA

Legacy defending + unlimited stamina + timed finishing. There are tons of cheats out there and EA does nothing and its virtually impossible to play to the point im considering moving to ps4.

Let me explain, below average opponents using constant pressure for FULL GAME without any consequences. Its literally impossible to string 5 passes around against an average player using a cheat. Most of these cheats are paid (sthg like $5-15) and theyre so sophisticated that the stamina bar for example looks to be depleting to the opponents eyes and yet remains full for the user. legacy defending, where the opponent is able to man mark all of your players for the entire game and intercept like crazy. Surely thats impossible even on a pro level?
Timed finishing cheats now have no green bar indicators as well those sneaky russian ones.

Honestly so ❤️❤️❤️❤️ off putting as I finally look forward to playing some nice graphic fifa on my PC only to be faced against legacy defenders. How I suspect theyre cheating is, when they have the ball, theyre no indication that they are good players. so many silly passes, just running in a straight line, only plays through ball to pacy attackers, bad decision making in the final third. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ skill moves in their own half when no one is near. Players like scream Ozil, rashford, nif vardy, romero etc who are easy to obtain. But once theyre on defense its like Klopps Liverpool level of pressing.

so, surely I cant be the only one experiencing this? In PS4 my highest WL run was 21 wins but on PC im unable to get more than 17-18 max wins if I try hard. and yet the consoles have all the hardcore gamers and the pros. Surely something doesnt add up?


  • Springveldt
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    The cheats aren't sophisticated at all, they are simple really.

    Those are the blatant cheaters you are seeing, what about ones that are hiding it better and only using 5* WF and work rate changers?

    The game is a mess really.
  • baerentoeterR
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    This Game is pure Trash! EA wont do ❤️❤️❤️❤️ against Cheaters on PC. PC Community is small, not much money to earn!
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