Fifa 21 Next-Gen Expectations?

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First off, no matter what new features EA market i would just like a working game with no game breaking bugs and 5+ year long bugs to finally be addressed..

But what things are we likely to see because PS5? Dynamic Lighting? Dynamic Weather? Improved Audio? I am sure we were asking for these things from PS3 > PS4!! Obviously it should be native 4K/60fps with faster loading times, maybe no load times at all which would mean no Arena before games etc..

I just feel this whole PS4 life span hasnt impressed me at all, its been constant neglect for ALOT of modes/features. Fifa still feels PS3 to me. I still see 2D seats in stadiums & bugs that have been present since the PS3 days, poor lighting, Career Mode and Edit Mode need vastly improving etc..

What are your expectations?
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  • ComptonLAX94
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    Still a complete lagfest
  • BookaJunior
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    Still a complete RNG cash grab.
  • Eddie
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    I agree the game is way short of where it should be. I expect the same from the next gen fifa.

    Bottom line is EA know they’ll sell the game regardless of its state or whether or not it’s as good as it can be. They’ll do the bare minimum required.

    They don’t take pride in their work.
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    I expect new types of bugs and game breaking errors.

    I mean like NEXT-GEN bugs.
  • SimoHayha-TR-
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    I just lost my passion. There is no hope they can make solid football game
  • hooligan87
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    I just lost my passion. There is no hope they can make solid football game

    The game has a real football simulator! Try to play on manual control! It's a different game!
  • henryclay1844
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    Last gen the game had the ability to create your own team, import images. I had the ability to have all languages in game, share music and they actually cared about football first and foremost. Sure, this gen has better graphics, more updates, more content, some decent dlc, but it's been a generation of FUT FUT FUT and little attention to detail. We have no team creator, declining attention to detail, a presentation that is stagnating and a general contempt for everything not FUT or money driven. Just think about what will be lost in the transition. I also doubt they'll ever get rid of movement manipulation, animation-driven gameplay, ping to ping ball movement and locked on possession "switches", balls going through objects, constant post hits, dda, rng, ect.
  • Pwalie86
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    Current gen consoles were weak even before they launched. A lot were saying they were both underpowered. Fifa 20 still has X360 elements even when playing on Xbox X in 4K.

    PS5 and Xbox 2 will have a lot more power to play with. With ray tracing in the game we'll have more realistic lighting and shadows, plus way smoother animations as well as generally a big improvement all around in terms of graphics.

    And with EA saying they want to make career mode better, there could be some big changes there too, now they have a big team working on it. They can do so much more with the new hardware.
  • Pwalie86
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    Any article referring to next-gen as not going to be that impressive, then I suspect the writers have the pessimism of Man Utd fans lol.

    The jump in visuals will be insane. Every gen does indeed hit a brick wall towards the end of its life cycle, but the first 3-4 years will be really exciting times.

    Current gen has good looking games, but let's face it..AI and animations are from X360 era at times.

    PS5 and XSX will have incredible looking games. It's good to see EA willing to get the most of next-gen. I really do believe Fifa running on PS5 will have people selling their PS4's in a heartbeat.
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